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Infant bunny costume pink

Over the years I have always made it a duty to dress my kids up nicely in their favorite baby Halloween costumes. Although the count down to Halloween is still seventy days away, I have already envisaged what our little addition will wear this coming October.

Because Ehi my little princess is still very little…..just 7 months old, I thought the baby pink bunny costume will be an ideal outfit for her. So i went over to and to see what deal i can get on my baby costumes.

After much time researching and comparing prices, i discovered had better deals on offer than Amazon.

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Normally, a couple of hours to the long awaited Halloween night, one of my favorite fantasies is to check out lovely baby Halloween costumes that parents especially mothers wear their babies for Halloween.

From years of indulging in this personal secret mission, i am happy to say that these mothers have really impressed me time after time.

Happy bunny baby clothes

Ricochet Rabbit Bunting Costume

With the great choices they have carefully selected ranging from a variety of different themes i must really commend them for their sweet efforts.

But i still remain loyal to my favorite baby Halloween costumes which is the Baby Pink Bunny Costume for kids of all ages and sizes.

I must state here that babies really do look beautiful and adorable especially in their baby pink bunny clothing.

Nice baby costumes will always make your little bunny irresistible- oohing, aaahhhing, picking up and petting are very much to be expected. Maybe it’s because bunnies themselves are cute and irresistible most times.

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Perhaps it’s also hard to find a baby that is not fascinated with a cuddly small bunny. You’ll agree with me that bunnies are really cute looking, take for instance a little bunny rabbit appears in your back garden. You will most definitely point it out to your little one. “hey Emily ….look..look there is a bunny rabbit..”

Baby Pink Bunny Costume

pink bunny baby Halloween costumes

And for those still thinking of what baby Halloween costumes to choose for their little girls, I’ll highly recommend the cute and adorable Baby pink bunny costume. Don’t little girls just look gorgeous in pink colored outfits or perhaps costumes?

The lovely baby pink bunny animal costumes are fluffy, furry and very soft to touch. It’s very gentle on your baby’s skin even without a baby wearing a baby growth inside. Your baby is also well protected from the Autumn chill with her head and neck well protected as it’s encased in the softness of the fluffy costume.

All our pink baby costumes comes with ears attached to the hood of the costume to prevent your baby pulling it off.

Infant bunny costume pink

Another benefit for picking up one of these pink Baby Halloween costumes for your little bunny is that it can do a double act for the Easter season as well if you’re not so inclined to buying many more outfits due to economic hardship.

Be rest assured though that this lovely outfit will be highly loved and cherished by your daughter for years to come. The fabric material used to make it is very durable that it can be easily washed using the washing machine, without any risk of shrinkage or colors washing out.

For those of us that love animals, you’ll be glad to know that all our baby pink bunny clothing are not made from animal furs. They are made from reliable Chenille fur, flannel and satin materials. They are normally best to be hand washed in cool water without bleach and then line dried.

Furthermore, these adorable costumes comes in various sizes that includes:
infant sizes: 6-12 months, 12-18 months

And finally, they include a normal jumpsuit, headpiece and rattle to match.

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Unfortunately, these special baby costumes cannot be bought in your local shops and stores, they can only be purchased from the internet here!

So place your order for that special soft and fluffy Baby pink bunny costume now so you can enjoy the rest of your Halloween in peace and quiet. Click Here To Check Out Similar Baby Halloween Costumes.

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